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Lalala . . . Even Tired !
Sunday, December 11, 2011 | 0 talk respond(s)
Assalamualaikum . . .  

Hey peeps ! 

Watta freaking tired for me on last week ! Busying doing our Wedding Job ! but totally awesome when the bride & groom is s0o0o0o0o0o sporting , and wat important is they're not the 'CEREWET' one . . . thanks to allah coz everything done smoothly , without any problem ! As we know December seems as a very hectic month for wedding...but our January slot are still available... Do come to us and give us your budget and let see if we can help to mesmerize your guests on your special day :) <---- promote sikit ! hahaha anyway , now  me at galeri with my cousin n sister ! my big boss is going for her holiday , following her husband to serudong not exactly as a holiday , coz her husband is working there on Serudong , she just accompany him , since she was in her school holiday now ! i've to take over this gallery for this week until Thursday i think...ermmmm fer now that's all i can share fer yaa...and here a few picture of wedding job last 3 days ! cekidauttttttt !